I’m on Day 12 of my UK trip and so far so good, lots of fixes and I’m wondering whether you can OD on fresh air? If so, I have done.

There isn’t a great deal to chat about really. Had a great time in Guernsey seeing the family, eating amazing food (thank you Emma) We’ve got the work done which was important, sorted a few other bits out and also chilled and relaxed, it was what I needed after 6 months in India. I’ve only had a couple of beers since I got to the UK, so I’m being a good boy on that front.

Missing Santi like mad, but I’ve only got 3 days and then the world tour continues and I’m heading back to the Philippines to be with her. That pesky Brexit vote has put 15% on the costings now for us Nomads / Expats, the Peso was 69 pesos to the pound now, it’s down to 60. Fingers crossed it heads back up, well it bloody best do.

I’m now in Preston at Glenn’s my Bessie mates gaff, been awake since 4am, if I can keep this up it will get me adjusted quicker to the time difference in the Philippines. We are going to stop in Manila for now, better interweb for work and obviously lots more to do. The cost though is a factor, I’m on limited funds.

So on Tuesday it’s Manchester to London Heathrow, Heathrow to Hong Kong (only 12 hours) and then Hong Kong to Manila, finally arriving 7pm Wednesday night. We are booked in at the Citadel Hotel in Makati, which is cheap and cheerful and very close to the Midget Boxing (so wrong but very funny). It’ll be our second anniversary on the day we both land back in Manila so we’ll have couple of SMP’s (San Miguel’s) to celebrate methinks. Santi is flying from the provinces which is a 90 minute flight to Manila.

Still got a few jobs to complete whilst I’m still here in the UK, I have to go to the office for a few hours, go and see a customer and see the Ex Wife (that should be fun) I will get to see Scooby though, probably the last time I’ll see him as he’s on his last legs (he’s 17 now) I wonder if he’ll recognise me?

That wraps this blog up for now, I’m feeling good, healthy and ready to face SE Asia again. I have missed the UK and I’ve not moaned about the weather once (by the way, it’s raining now) but I’m ready to head off again (Santi’s fault as I miss her like crazy haha…..)

I’ve got a few supplies ready and bought a couple of T shirts and Shorts. It’s rare to wear anything else in SE Asia.

I’ll head off and start the FEB (Full English Breakfast) and yes there will be a picture on Facebook at some point and I’ll use Glenn’s new frying pan.

So keep smiling and we’ll chat when I get back to SE Asia.


PS Did I tell you Glenn’s bought a new frying pan?

Glenns New Frying Pan

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