This piece of shite which I call a blog is all about the world of Filipino Television, Films and censorship. I’ve been here for over a year now and it still amazes the amount of crap on Philippines TV, One of the big stations, like our ITV is called GMA. Santi is addicted to it, morning, noon and night either GMA or “E” channel. You know E channel it’s where the cunty Kardashians live.

Anyway let’s talk about GMA

It’s difficult for me to write about as I hate it so much, as soon as any TV comes on then so do my headphones. They have 3 soaps on every night and it makes Eldorado look like an Oscar winning drama. One that springs to mind is Strawberry Lane, this is brilliantly bad acting, I’ve included an episode but skip to 16 minutes into it and you’ll see what I mean. Or better still I dare you to watch it in full.

All the stories in all the soaps revolve about families fighting with each other, it really loves to publicise domestic violence. Same actors in all the soaps and the quality is really really really really bad.

You could play the drinking game watching one of these programmes, I mean by every time someone cries on screen you have a drink, I can guarantee you’ll be pissed in 5 minutes.

We are lucky to have HBO as a cable channel well, when I say lucky it’s very repetitive and the censorship of the Philippines has killed it, you’ll never hear the following words on HBO Fuck, Shit, Twat, Arse or even crap, you’ll never see a pair of boobs so a programme like Game of Thrones lasts for 3 minutes. All words bleeped out, cut out or even pixalated.


You can walk down the street and buy a girl and do whatever you like (to a certain extent) total contradiction in all forms. Thailand is even worse, you can’t access any porn sites and they’re all banned. How do people make up these rules, its jolly perplexing?

On that Bombshell

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