Filipino’s are Karaoke crazy and yes I find it the most annoying pastime in the world, every Filipino thinks they are the next Celine Dion (you know the guy who sang about a sinking ship) I personally would prefer sharp objects shoved in my eyes than to witness a Karaoke night. I am to singing what Lionel Blair is to Rugby League anyway, the Karaoke machines consists of a wooden box with a 12” old style colour TV plonked on top of it. You can rent these from everyone here in the Philippines. The cost is about £20 for the day, I’d rather get £20 and set fire to it, so if there is a celebration like a day ending in Y, someone, somewhere will be puking out tunes from the comfort of their own living room. As you probably guessed I’m not a big fan of Karaoke.


So on to live music

I love listening to live music, always have done and love listening to live cover bands no matter how bad they are, OK I do not like really bad cover bands. First ever live concert I went to was in 1979 to see Suzi Quatro live at King Georges Hall in Blackburn, she was fantastic as one had a big crush on her since I was about 7. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing some good bands live, Fleetwood Mac, The Killers.

Brains gone, can’t think of anymore.

Oh! Wait a mo, they’re coming back. Tom Jones, Travis, the Verve and not forgetting the one and only James Blunt. OK, knock him if you dare but anyone who knows me will know I am a massive JB fan. If I was a woman I’d have his babies. I’ve seen him live in Hong Kong, Amsterdam and about eleventeen times in London. I love the guy, his music is so meaningful to parts of my life (typical cliché I know but this time it’s true), I’ve seen hundreds of live bands and artist and there are some brilliant and some not so brilliant. Not so brilliant for instance was Van Morrison, now he was shite and didn’t even sing Brown Eyed Girl, what a liberty. Kenny Rogers was one guy I had to see live and I’m glad I did, top legend in my eyes.

So back to Philippines live music, there is one bar we go to called Midnight Rodeo, this bar is situated at the back of Walking Street, I’d have never of found it if it wasn’t for Santi telling me about it. (Santi by the way is my girlfriend, she will feature much more in later blogs)

Anyway, sorry just made a brew. Only the 3rd today and it’s already 5.45pm

Anyway (again)

The midnight Rodeo is open every night 8pm till 2am and they have a live band on. Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday is one band and then the other three days is another band. We head here as often as we can because it’s one of the only decent places for live music in Angeles that we’ve found so far. We got friendly with Ray the Bass Guitarist and most of the other band members and we are always greeted warmly apart from the exception of the keyboard player and the vocalist woman (no idea of names) anyway they seems to be up their own arses. Ray is a great singer and does some good covers, I asked him to do the full version of American Pie but he said he only knows the short version, No problem I said I’ll bring you the lyrics in. Give him credit he’s covered the full version a few times now.

The drummer is also a character and he does a great version of What a Wonderful World (Lois Armstrong) which is an emotional song for me as we played it at my Father’s funeral and as always the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.

The other band Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday are just as good, the bass guitarist is a legend in his own underpants, extremely talented and a great voice. He does a near perfect version of Play That Funky Music by Wild Cherry.

We have seen a few live bands in Angeles and I have to say nothing beats Midnight Rodeo.

When I lived in Thailand there was Corners Bar, not a bad band but Santi hated the male lead singer. I’ll talk about Thailand in another blog in the near future.

Still lots to talk about but that’s it for now.

Till next time