It’s now one month to the day nearly (ok it’s one month and five days) since we landed back in the Philippines. So what’s life been like?

Before I carry on I have to tell you about the hotel Shitadel Inn, as you all know in my previous blogs I wrote about our studio, then we booked a 1 bed apartment for 3 weeks. The one bed was OK but lacking in Kitchen equipment and we bought an induction cooker, kettle and bits n bobs, we asked the hotel for a stove and they said 200 peso a day rental (£3.50) and we kindly refused. On day 10 of being in the new apartment we got a phone call asking us to move. Apparently the owner was coming back and wanted his apartment back. OK a bit of a hassle but not the end of the world, we moved up to the 29th floor, great views and apartment was OK. First morning we woke to bang bang bang bang, they were renovating the apartment next door, I got straight onto reception and they said sorry sir yes it’s going to be happening for a few weeks, we can move you if you prefer. A minute ago we were unpacked now were packing again 2nd time in 24 hours. The next apartment looked nicer than the other 2 so we took it. One thing we didn’t do when we looked at the apartment was sit on the bed, bad move, as we should have tested the bed, remembering it’s an old complex and the bed is old and as soon as you looked at it, it squeaked. God it was noisy. Straight onto reception (again) they send someone up from housekeeping and there is nothing they can do. We could move apartment haha this is now 3rd time in 24 hours. Down to the 7th floor and we finally have a place for the next 10 days.

With 10 days to go, we needed to find somewhere, we looked a loads of places but they want 2 months’ deposit, 1 months’ rent and a minimum 12 month contract. Remember we are the budget kings lol, any road, there was one apartment I saw in the interweb which I thought was brilliant, on the beach, had good speed internet fully furnished, so all we needed was ourselves and my lappy. We needed to view this apartment first, so we decided to have a day trip to Puerto Galera, its about 2 hours bus trip to Batangas then another 90min boat ride.
We wanted to spend a night in Puerto Galera but the cost was stopping us. We set off at 7am and the weather was really bad, the boat ride was brilliant, very choppy but we finally made it by midday, I’d told the owner we’d meet him at 12 and we got there spot on time.

The apartment is about 4 miles from town and we had to get a Trike which cost 100 peso (not too bad) The apartment was nothing like we imagined, we’d seen lots of pics on the internet but it had been run down, apparently the pics were 5 years old. Plus points were the view, a stone’s throw away to the sea and it had workable internet, I did a test call and worked perfectly. I gave him 1000 Peso to hold it for me and we had a little look around the area before we caught the boat back to Batangas. It was heaven, I can imagine looking at that view every day and swimming in the South China Sea daily but something didn’t click like I wanted it to.

Shit view 2

We are now 5 days and need to find somewhere still, we wanted to stay in Makati but the apartment cost factor was stopping us. We even thought about heading back to Angeles, our old apartment was available and the internet had been upgraded, very tempting but memories made me think we couldn’t wait to leave Angeles so it was the last resort.

We finally got word there was an apartment (privately owned) here at the Shitadel so we went to have a look. Recently decorated, had everything we need albeit basic stuff and they wanted 1 month rent 1 month deposit min 3 month rental. Perfect……… we knew the internet was ok ish here so we took it. Living in Makati is like living in London, silly prices for everything so we now have to tighten our very tight belts to make it work.

new pad 1new pad 2

Friday 5th we paid deposit and rent and got the keys to our new pad, we had to check out of our room on Sunday, so gave us a little time to sort things out. Santi though, wanted to move in straight away haha.

Check out time, we checked out one day early and they present us with a bill for £150 for electric used in 3 weeks, cunts……….

We argued the toss and they reduced it slightly they then had the cheek to say for only 70,000 peso we can have an apartment for a month. I said no thanks in a very polite manor.

To finish this blog, we are in our new place. Its fine, the internet is dodgy so we’ll probably get wired interweb put in sooner rather than later. But it’s home and we finally have one.

That’s it for now

Until next time, keep smiling


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