One day left in the UK and it was a packed day and a (not) exciting visit to see the ex wife. Managed to get all my jobs done and even see a customer. A couple of Roy Porters Cheese & Onion pies later and it was the last night in the UK. Thanks to Glenn for putting me up or even putting up with me. One final thing to have before I head off is a Bacon and Egg butty, I’m going to miss these, then the hour drive to Manchester airport.


I’ve traveled a fair bit in SE Asia and spent most of the time in the Philippines, it was inevitable that I’d come back here.

Day 1, After an eleventeen hour flight which I have to say was quite good, apart from a 90 minute wait sat on a plane from Hong Kong to Manila, as the traffic was building up and the pilot didn’t have a slot. One point I have to mention is the BA A380 is not as good as the Emirates version, that was my flight on the BA A380 from LHR to HKG. Seats are close and not as much leg room, on the other hand the food was much better. I slept most of the Heathrow to Hong Kong flight as my trick is to drink 4 pints beforehand then WHACK I’m out of it.  Santi was waiting for me at Manila and we headed for a hotel. I booked 4 nights in the Citadel (shit hole) when I say shit hole, the studio version is old and tired and very small, I was hoping it would be big enough to stop here a month so we could search properly for a good value apartment, it’s too small to work and live in at the same time, so we needed to look for something bigger.  Anyway, we arrived about 9pm ish, I got some money changed at the airport so we could get to Makati, went to the 7eleven then realised we needed more cash after we had paid a small deposit for the hotel room, water & wifi. We found a few ATMs but as per Philippine standards we couldn’t withdraw any cash (Oh shit) but I had enough money to give us a KFC Fix which was brilliant.

HK manila

Day 2, I had to get cash urgently and I remembered a bank I used last time I was here in March, the BPI Bank, I managed to track one down only a couple of blocks away and we finally managed to get some. We headed off to SM Supermarket for more essentials. Weather report was 30c and cloudy with a possibility of rain, it’s refreshing and nice, perfect weather. Not a lot really to report apart from having my first Beef Burger in 6 months and I was on thick toasted bread with double layer of cheese, possibly one of the best burgers I’ve ever eaten. I also booked a 1 bed apartment for 3 weeks here at the Citadel, I viewed one first and it’s 60sqm and although a bit tired it will be OK

citadel apartment

Day 3 Saturday, we are sorted for 3 weeks and we now have the weekend to play with. We decided to head to the Mall of Asia apparently one of the biggest malls in the world. We only saw a bit of it, I need to PC bits to get working on Monday and we needed a few things for the new apartment. Both knackered we fell asleep in the taxi on the way back to the hotel. (I nearly put home then I realised I don’t have one)

Saturday night is relaxing time, a couple of beers and a bite to eat, ended up having a great night at the Midget Boxing (check out my You Tube Channel) a British bar which was a good find and we had more than a couple of beers. A good night was had by all.

Sunday was a case of chillaxing, nothing strenuous. The Brit bar Howzat offered a Sunday Lunch Buffet. Santi had never had a traditional Sunday roast so I thought what the hell. Beef, Lamb, Pork and Ribs on the menu along with Roast Spuds, Mash and lots of Veg, I’got to admit it was bloody brilliant even came with a free beer. Sunday night we chilled and just had a little Tea (dinner for you southern softies), Seafood soup. On top of all that they have a little shop inside selling Yorkshire T Bags, Frey Bentos Pies and more.

We moved into our one bed apartment and it worked out OK, very limited on the kitchen front in fact so limited it’s got fuck all in it. To hire a cooker, they wanted £4 a day. Surprising they are not charging us 3% for sleeping with the window shut. (Some of you will know where that came from)

Manila view

So that’s it, it’s back to work and I’m back in the Philippines.

Will chat soon and remember to keep smiling.

Until next time


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