Back in the Philippines

December 6th 2016 was the day I left the Philippines and I honestly thought I wouldn’t be coming back.

On 14th July 2017 I boarded a plane to come back.

What’s happened in between, I’ll briefly go over it but it’s depressing as I knew that something was wrong when I’m sat in a bar thinking fuck it, I don’t want to live anymore. Would that building be high enough if I jumped off?  Backward and forwards to my brothers and my Bessie mate Glenn’s, I felt as though I had nothing and had lost even more. Myself and Santi had kept in touch every day and I seemed to be making her false promises that I’ll be back soon. Christmas came and went.
Then January was dark and gloomy (always seems to be a shit month for me) February arrived and I still felt like shit, having no energy to do anything at all. Another great friend of mine Ken asked me to sort out his You Tube channel, so that kept me busy.
End of February Glenn said take one of these Anti Depressants, I thought oh fuck it I may as well. I know they supposed to take 4 weeks or so to kick in, but I felt something after the first day and then went to the Docs to get them prescribed, there is a longer story to this but I’ll keep it brief.
March came and I headed backwards and forwards again with no sign of getting back to the Philippines. I needed funds and again slowly I managed to get a few Electric contracts in. April still no sign of getting back, but I’m a determined little bugger and in May I saw a flight for £380 to travel via Riyadh in July (big fuckin light at the end of the tunnel) Thanks to my Brother for sorting this out.

Santi didn’t believe me, so I had to show proof of tickets haha.

Being in the UK all this time had made me realise that I don’t belong there, I have made some great friends in Guernsey and don’t get me wrong had some good times when the Prozac kicked in, but I still felt I needed to be back with my girl. Guernsey is a beautiful place, but bloody expensive and Glenn & Ken live in Preston (say no more).

Now I have to decide where to live. I’m self employed on commission only and have limited funds, so the best bet is to move to Santi’s province in Biliran which is a 90 minute flight from Manila. It’s a lot cheaper to live here, so that’s what I decided.

July 14th  2017 @ 11am Manchester ternimal (I can’t say terminal) , I’m on my way.

To be continued


Look who I found 🙂