Magandang Umaga world, (see what I did there already) We’ve now been in the Philippines for 4 weeks (ish) and it’s good to be here. Got some great stories to tell about the past 2 weeks but I’ll leave it for the next blog which will be a social media campaign to let people know what this hotel is really like.

Anyway, people often ask me (they don’t really I’m making it up) What’s the best thing about living in the Philippines.

The reasons below are in no particular order.

The People, 99% of Filipinos I’ve met here have been fantastic, always happy, loyal and jolly nice people all round, they wear their heart on their sleeve. There are a couple of countries, not naming them but the smile is false, here you know it’s real because even the robots in Starbucks are genuine and not forgetting the security guards, they are everywhere in the Philippines and are always polite people.

The Weather, a tropical country consisting of 7000 islands. It’s a very British thing to talk about the weather, I think I mentioned about this in a previous blog. The weather here is good, it’s warm all year round, between 30c & 35c during the day, dropping to a freezing 26c at night. There are two seasons, simple as Wet or Dry. I prefer the wet season, we have storms at least 3 or 4 times a week, the odd downpour and then it’s fresh again. Dry season can be hot in direct sunlight, but in the shade it’s perfect.

The Beaches. Tropical paradise springs to mind, Palawan which is one of the islands in the Philippines has been voted the

best, we recently had a trip to Puerto Galera to view an apartment and the pic below is the view if we had chosen this as our base. I’ll explain why we didn’t in the next blog.

Shit view 2

The Food. When I spent a year in Angeles City, I didn’t take to the food to well, not sure what has changed but now I love it. Adobo is the national dish of the Philippines here’s the Wiki link and other great dishes such as Sisig (wiki link here)

Very Westernised. The US have had a presence here for a while and it’s rubbed off onto the Filipino’s, you can get everything here (I even found Waitrose T Bags, OK I’ve bought them all now and still short) So you get SE Asia weather and feel with a Western infusion (sounded well posh that bit). Great combination in my eyes.

So those are the 5 main things I enjoy about the Philippines and I’ll be back with more blogs soon, got some great stories to tell.

Until next time

Keep smiling