I’ve been back in the Philippines for 2 weeks (now nearly 3 weeks since I started this latest blog), so let me fill you in on the adventure so far.

Ternimal 2 and the Saudi Airlines flight to Riyadh with a 2 hour layover then on to Manila. Not the best airline in the world, the flights are dry so no alcohol, if you watch a movie, most of it is blurred out if there is a women showing some cleavage or her knees

I finally arrived in Manila 20 hours later, it’s a long trip and I’ve done it so often that I’m used to it. Whilst I think on a good friend of mine decided to come with me for a few days, he came to Angeles City last November and loved it so much.

I spent the night in Manila, a bite to eat, a couple of beers and it was good to be back but still missing one thing, my girl.

Santi moved back to her parents when I left for the UK in the Province of Biliran. It’s a volcanic island about a 90 minute flight from Manila, We have to fly to Tacloban then a 2 hour car ride to Biliran. I couldn’t sleep that night in Manila, probably too excited 😊 We got to Tacloban and there she was, waiting for me. I’d not seen her in 8 months and my god was I pleased when I saw her. Big hugs all round and we set off on the 2 hour drive to Biliran.

I’d booked us into the Agta Beach Resort, I’d stopped here before 3 years ago and it’s an undiscovered hideaway. It’s simply perfect. To the left on my room is the Ocean and to the right is the Jungle. The food is brilliant although there is a limited menu, if you don’t like chicken then you’re buggered. The Ocean is clean and the air is clean.

IMG_20170716_162037 IMG_20170718_170203

Only downside is the Internet speed, it goes from 7mb to 0.7mb in seconds and it’s bloody annoying but it’s the Philippines and in my previous blogs I’ve moaned a lot about it.

Ken stopped for 4 days and loved it. We’ve now got a Bike and it’s easy to get around the island. Before we used Trikes and a new thing to me….Habal Habal, its an extended Motorbike, fucking weird thing see pic below.


A Bike was best 😊


It was my girls birthday last week so we had some friends around and not forgetting the Birthday Lechon. Twas a good night.

Still here at the Agta, we booked for another month and got quite a good deal whilst we look for a house or apartment. Difficult to work because of the internet and power cuts but we are plodding on and it’s brilliant to be back. I’ll update you more shortly, nearly 500 words already.

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Until next Time


Keep smiling