On June 2nd 2016 we applied for a UK visa for Santi. As I mentioned in my previous blog there was a 50/50 chance of it being granted. We waited for 12 days, hoped and dreamed that it would be OK, and we planned things that we wanted to do it the UK. Our plan was to stop in the UK for 6 months, make a base and go from there. Even work on the divorce and trek around and to see if Santi liked the UK.

I received an email on Tuesday 14th saying a decision has been made and you can come and pick up your passport. We got a little excited and I think I wee’d a little.

We booked a Cab that same day to head to Delhi, 90 minutes later we are on our way for the result. First time in years I had butterflies. We had an easy trip to the Visa office and Santi went in, I went for a coffee and waited.

She came out after 20 minutes.

Drum roll


UK Visa rejected………………………..

Shit, bollocks, fuck.

Visa rejected

My heart sank, apparently a faceless, nameless person decided that although the paperwork was in order they are refusing the Visa, as they didn’t think Santi would return to the Philippines after the visa expired.

Can we appeal? – no, can we apply again? – yes but it’s not worth it. As we’ll get the same result.

So how do we get around this dilemma?

We’ll talk about this in the next blog.

Stay tuned for the next thrilling episode of Johnny in Asia

Keep smiling