It’s been a while since my last blog. November 10th to be exact and a lot has happened in that time.

Cut a long story very short, it all went pete tong for us on the run up to Christmas. I headed back to the UK and Santi headed back to the Philippines, basically I had to find a new way of earning money and I was determined to get back to Asia to Santi sooner rather than later.

10 days with my brother in the Channel Islands for Christmas then 10 days with my mate Glenn in Lancashire, I headed for India on the 12th Jan. To be honest I was unsure about heading to India but thought what do I have to lose?

I spent 7 weeks on my own in India with a couple of quick visits from my Bro but still life in India on your own is pretty difficult. I knew I wasn’t happy without Santi being with me and people could tell. Anyway eventually I think I earned enough to fly out to the Philippines, get Santi a Visa and fly back with her.

Prior to me meeting up with Santi, I had to juggle a few things and what would happen if she didn’t get a Visa, I’m paranoid about Visas in the Philippines after our first time to leave the country together in 2014. The plan is to stop in India for a while, Santi will learn the ropes of the business slowly, I will get my Sales Mojo back and then we’ll make plans in the Summer.

So, a week before I head to Manila, I had to find an apartment, I saw 5 and to be honest they weren’t brilliant, in fact one I wouldn’t let my dog sleep in it. One had no windows at all, one was passable, studio with a balcony but no kitchen appliances. Eventually I viewed one at night and thought it’ll have to do as I don’t have any more time so I said yes to it but we wouldn’t pay the final deposit until Santi had the visa in her hand.

IMG_20160223_123538 IMG_20160223_124526

I head for manila on the Saturday night flight and arrive Sunday morning. One thing I missed apart from Santi was proper KFC so first thing we did was head there, it was delicious. A couple of beers in the Cuban bar rounded off a great night and I’m back with my girl. On the Monday in Manila we headed to the Indian visa office and as I thought our paperwork wasn’t correct, shit shit shit.

On the Tuesday we head back to the Visa office and hope for the best, they said it takes 4 days to process a Visa and we had tickets booked to fly to India on Saturday. Visa must be ready for Friday otherwise we are buggered.

Guess what?

We finally got Santi her visa and booked to head to India on the 5th March

Welcome to india

It’s Santi’s first trip to India, I didn’t know if she would like it. I told her to expect the unexpected, we head to Delhi but we will be staying in Gurgaon, about 20 miles south of Delhi.

The apartment deposit was paid and someone kindly picked up the keys for us. We’d stop in a hotel on the Saturday night because we wouldn’t land until 11pm

On the Sunday morning, Manoj kindly picked us up to take us to the apartment. Both mine and Santi’s eyes were wide open when we finally got there. It was a shit hole, I thought oh god this is bad. We’ve got to make the best of a bad job. The street looks like we are living in Beirut.

IMG_20160307_105000 IMG_20160307_104956 IMG_20160311_104909

Anyway, it’s got AC, 1 small window, no natural light as such. Wifi and Cable will be installed in a couple of days.

We head off to Ambience Mall. It’s a difference between chalk and cheese, one minute we are in Beirut the next we are in a shopping centre with all the big high streets brands, Marks & Sparks, H&M and Zara to name three. Lots of food places and a Cinema. We buy all we need for the apartment, bedding, plates, kettle, pans etc, it’s only 4 months ago I’d done the same in Thailand. Santi is getting annoyed because we keep leaving it then moving country and she says it’s a waste of money.


So we are finally in our apartment. We’ve got a maid who charges us 1000 rupees a month (£10 roughly) she does the laundry, cleaning etc. She’s not brilliant but what do you expect for a tenner a month.

We’ll leave it there and I’ll write another blog soon of Santi’s reaction to India.

Welcome to Gurgaon, our home for next few months.