Let’s start the first post India blog from 36000 feet in the air, already half a blog to chat about worth so here we go.

Currently I’m sat on an airbus A380 and if you don’t know what one of those is I’ll briefly explain, it’s a fuckin big plane, there, that should explain it. I’m on flight EK015 from DXB to LGW, that’s Dubai to London Gatwick for anyone who doesn’t know. We’ve got interweb on here as well, it’s dead posh.

Only did the above wording for this blog on the plane as I fell asleep for some reason.

Our final night in India consisted of no power from 12am until we left, we had to load the suitcases using torch light. Finally, we made it to the airport. Santi checks in and is 3kgs over (whoops) and then we sit and wait for a while hoping my check in would open. OK, We are about 3 hours early.
It’s not looking like my check in is opening anytime soon, so Santi heads through Immigration and security, I wait 5 minutes and my check in opens. My bags will go straight through to London from Delhi. Oh bugger, I’m stopping over a night in Dubai with no clothes or anything. Oh well!!

I finally get through security and go to meet Santi at her gate. All flights are on time so I say goodbye to her and she sets off on her marathon trip. Delhi to Singapore, Singapore to Manila then Manila to Tacloban.   I have to wait 2 hours for my flight to Dubai. Smoking room then coffee but time flies and I’m boarding a Boeing 777 to DXB, flight time 3 hours.

I’m meeting my brother along with Shaleen and Amit (from India) in Dubai and I’m sharing a room with my Bro. I have to get the shuttle bus from the airport to the hotel. Heat is 45c and I’m waiting 30 minutes for the bus (I’m melting). Anyway, I finally get to the hotel.
It’s good to see my Bro and we all head out for a beer (my first drink for over 5 weeks) Hard Rock Café is the destination, 3 pints and it’s good to relax. Not saying Dubai is expensive but it worked out at £9 a pint. Next up is the Airport Millennium Hotel, a British Bar and a couple more beers and my first taste of Sausage and Mash for ages, it was delicious. I didn’t see much of Dubai apart from that biggish building in the background. By 8pm we were both knackered and in bed for 9.30pm, we had to get up at 4.30am to get the flight to London.



Back to the airport on the free shuttle bus and Bro is checked in as I’ve already had my boarding card and finally we’re off to London.

Next stop is Guernsey another flight and we have a layover of 4 hours. We head to the Premier Inn for a coffee and a cig, my first real taste of fresh air, it’s raining and I don’t care (I’m a poet now) then we head for a cheeky Nando’s.

The Flight time to Guernsey is only 30 minutes and it’s pissing down, I still don’t care it’s so good to be back on British soil.

I’m finally back in the UK and looking forward to the things I’ve missed (see previous blog)

Until next time

Keep smiling