Three days to go until we leave India (will probably be two by the time I’ve uploaded this blog), I said I wouldn’t blog but the week has been quite busy, so I’ll tell you what’s been going on.

Now if you didn’t know, there has been a bit of news in the UK, not majorly important, something to do with leaving the EU. I was surprised with the Leave result to be honest, as my thoughts were that the un-decided would vote “remain” and it would swing it to a remain win. Anyway, as they say shit happens and we are leaving the EU. So many pissed off people on Facebook it’s actually quite amusing reading some of the posts. Remain people need to get on with life, my view again is democracy has spoken, ok, only by a couple of percent but they need to move on. Think of me, it now costs me more to stop in India.

Union flag

Talking of India, I’ve only got a couple of days left and am I looking forward to coming to the UK? Yes!!!! I am. One day last week we had no power for 11 hours, the UPS (Battery backup) lasted 2hrs 20 mins and then we sat in a Sauna for 9 hours with no sleep, then we had to do a full day’s work.
The heat is too much, although so far in June it doesn’t seem to be as aggressive as May was, still in the 40c mark but when the clouds arrive it drops to about 30c. A couple of nice storms to go with it. When the clouds despiat dispete fuck off it’s back to scorchio again.

We fly on Tuesday morning, Santi at 9am via Singapore to Manila and me to Dubai at 11am. I have a night’s layover and meeting my brother then heading back together to Guernsey on Wednesday morning finally arriving 5.30pm Wednesday Tea Time. Santi has already packed up, I’ll leave it until the last minute, I always do. We’re leaving all our stuff AGAIN, kettle, iron, toaster and more. One day we’ll actually find a place of our own and call it home but until then we’ll keep wasting money buying everything again.

Fresh air awaits and I can’t bloody wait.

I will blog whilst I’m in Guernsey and let you all know what’s going on in my little world.

Pudsey Packed sml

I lied about not started packing yet, Pudsey is in the suitcase ready to go.

Until we meet again (sound like Vera Lynn) keep smiling.


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