When I first arrived here in January the temperature was about 21c during the day and down to about 5c at night. It was Jumper, fleece and thermals time. Let’s skip a few months. June is the hottest month, temperatures reach 45 to 46c I landed here in June in 2014 and the temperature was 46.7c the hottest day in 65 years. Now April temperatures reached above 40c and as of today 2nd May it’s 45c, so God knows what it’s going to be like next month.

We headed out in a Tuk Tuk yesterday and it’s the hottest I’ve ever felt in my life. It was unbearable. So along with Power Cuts and Voltage drops the AC can’t keep up, It’s not pleasant to say the least.

Now I’ve travelled to hot places before, Las Vegas springs to mind, but you don’t feel it there because you’re in a casino and then you travel to other casinos by AC Taxis and to think here we have at least 2 more months of it.

I dream of fresh air and rain.

In the wet season in the Philippines it was brilliant, every night we’d have a storm and it was quite refreshing.

Anyway, that’s my moan about the weather.

Not a lot has happened over the past few weeks, apart from Game of Thrones starting, just watched episode 2 of the new season and it’s brilliant. We don’t watch it here on Indian TV due to the censorship, it will be edited to death and won’t be as enjoyable. Talking of editing, 4 of us went to watch The Hateful Eight a few months ago and we got bored half way through, no swearing allowed in India for moves, so you won’t see any tits or gruesome murders either, it’s all on the cutting room floor, so to speak. But I did watch the unedited version of Hateful Eight on my PC and thought it was brilliant, what the censors cuts out here in India were the important parts of the movie, so if it’s a certificate 15 + don’t go to the cinema to watch it. I gave Deadpool a miss because of this.

Anyway that’s my moan about Censorship in India.

Bit of a negative blog today, sorry…………


I’ll get me coat…………….Bugger that it’s too hot.

I’ll leave you with a little video of our Tuk Tuk Ride to Ambience Mall.

Until next time, keep smiling