I love watching You Tube vlogs and most of all Thailand vlogs. Here’s my top Thailand 5 Vlogs I’d recommend.

In the top spot is

(drum roll)

8 Miles From Home. An English couple Sasha & J – daily vlogs of life in Thailand.  These guys also inspire me to write more and attempt vlogs (decided I’m too ugly for a face on camera so I’ll stick with writing)

Really good down to earth videos of living in Thailand, pity they are on the move to Portugal but good luck to you both and thanks for sharing your life.


Next up in 2nd place is Scott Mallon, this is “An American in Bangkok” before I moved to Asia I watched all the videos and it gave me a great insight on what to expect in Bangkok. This guy is straight to the point and doesn’t hold any punches.


In 3rd place we have Mark Weins, another American who loves food. His Bangkok Street food videos are brilliant; we went to quite a few places he recommended when we lived there.



In 4th Place

Bangkok112 This guy (I think he’s English) travels around Bangkok and Pattaya with his Camera and videos his nights out, it shows the darker side of Bangkok.


And finally in 5th Place

A new guy just started vlogging an Aussie called Johnny.

Not sure of Johnny’s Twitter account, I’ll update as soon as I know.

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That’s it for now.

Enjoy and keep smiling.



In the next blog, we’ll be chatting about life in India