I’m in a Bloggy mood so here’s an update on my life in Asia so far.

Been a funny kind of week/weeks. We had to do a quick trip to Manila to find out about Thai Visa’s. Our intention is to get back to Bangkok as soon as we can. The guy in the Thai Embassy was a cocky little shit and refused to deal with us unless we had the appropriate paperwork. We want a 90 day Tourist Visa’s and to get these we need the following.

Return Tickets
2 x Photo’s
At least $500 showing in 2 accounts (for both of us)
Eat 3 Cream Crackers without a glass of water
2kg of Rocking horse Poo

So after a wasted journey we headed home, all we really needed was return tickets and a bank account for Santi. Should be easily done.

I already had a flight to Bangkok for the 1st November, we call them throw away flights.  I’m heading to the UK on the 16th for a few days and I can’t return into the Philippine’s unless I have a ticket out of the Philippines, That’s why we call them throw away flights. It’s annoying but one of those things. A complete waste of money but that’s their rule so we stick by it, I only found out the hard way when I was in Bangkok last year flying back to Manila, I had to get my Lappy out and buy the cheapest flight otherwise I’d be stuck there. Cost me $200 L

Anyway, I got a cheap throw away flight to Bangkok for 1st November. We didn’t really have any date set to move to Bangkok we just wanted to see if we can get a Visa first, we weren’t heading to Thailand if we only have a 30 day Visa, it’s not worth it.

Travel forward in time 3 weeks we managed to get the Thai Visa’s and a trip to the UK, a lot has gone on in the past few weeks and October seemed like a blur.

Second to last week in October we finally get a date for moving to Bangkok. We are going on the 1st November and fly 6.20am woohoo we can’t wait.

I head to the UK for 10 days on business and a bit of pleasure, I get to see my brother who I haven’t seen since February, also his Mrs, Emma and of course little Harry (He’s not so little nowadays) I spend 2 nights in Lancashire and stop with my bessie mate Glenn, I was introduced to a good friend of his called Ken Nicol, he’s a musician previously with Steeleye span and has a new album out and defo worth a listen. he also makes a mean coffee, Thanks Ken it was a pleasure to meet you. Also saw a great friend of mine Brian Wood, again, great to see both yourself and Sue and they promised they’ll come to BKK once we’ve moved.

J and B sml

After 2 days ‘oop north I head to London on business, stop in Kensington which was a good trip, managed to stop by my favourite Chinese – Hungs in Wardour Street, China Town and we did a cheeky Nandos with my nephew and niece Paul & Abbie and it was great to see them.  Then I head to Guernsey to see the family, 4 days was nice, it’s great to be able to have fresh air it’s something I think every westerner misses in SE Asia. Sorry for it being a short trip report, I’d be going on forever and it would be quite boring.

retard sml me and bro sml

Then I head back on a quick 33hr journey, first time I’ve flown where they didn’t want to see my throwaway flight. Never mind all not lost it will be used.

I had 4 days left in Angeles City

The move to Bangkok is on

Till next time, keep smiling 🙂