Been an interesting couple of weeks in our new sexy pad. Before I carry on I need to talk about the interweb.

It’s my lifeline and I need it like I need air to breathe. Only problem here in the Philippines is it’s shit. The new President said that after he’s killed all the drug dealers he’ll get it sorted and about time. It’s the worst in SE Asia by a long shot, the average speed is 3mb compared to Thailand, Singapore and Hong Kong. Even Cambodia has better internet speed. Here in the apartment it costs me £25 a month for one laptop and I get 0.7mb speed, it’s ok for Skype calls which I need, so I thought OK I’ll live with it. Santi wanted the other laptop online so that’s another £25 plus we need pocket wifi for the mobiles so that’s £16. Total cost £66 for a month. What would I get in the UK for that amount of money?

internet shitty

And guess what? It kept dropping to an average speed of 0.07mb and that’s just a little bit faster that the old 56k dial up from 18 years ago. With this speed I’m not able to do anything, which meant no work = no money…….. Fuck fuck fuck.

Speed test

What am I supposed to do? We enquired about getting our own wired Internet installed, Globe the biggest Broadband provider said nope not allowed in our complex and another called Sky also said no, so wired interweb is not an option now. Bollox!!!!

Big dilemma, we’ve got a 3-month lease here and I can’t work. In the last 7 days I’ve been able to work 3 days. We need to make a decision fast what to do.
We can’t find another apartment in Makati because of the cost factor.

So as I write this blog (Saturday morning) we are heading back to our old apartment in Angeles City first thing Sunday morning. We know the internet is OK, we get 3mb and we have been told we can get wired in for £25 a month.

I’m going to stop here for now and will update when I get back to Angeles. In the meantime, I’m off to see a good friend Jim who’s landed in the Philippines for 3 weeks with his girl Emily. Will be good to see him.

I’m back – A quick 9 hours drinking session with Jim & Emily, we had a brilliant day out and a good catch up. Got Jim to try Balot (see wiki page) but he had a quick taste and said er…. no chance. I’ve got a video of Jim trying it, I’ll upload to You Tube at some point. Emily did bring me a small box of Yorkshire Tea and for that I am in your eternal debt. Talking of T Bags, I nipped to Rustans Supermarket and bought 10 boxes of Waitrose T Bags to make sure I’ll be OK for the foreseeable future.

So we’ve been up since 5am and just about to start packing up on our travels again. We’ve got a car to pick us up and take us back to Angeles City. We’ve been here 7 weeks and we’ve moved 5 times including the hotel fuck up moves.

I’ll report back when we finally get to Angeles, one thing we will do tonight is go to the Midnight Rodeo bar to say hi and have a few beers (rude not to)

Sunday 28/8/16 7.40pm

We are back in our old apartment complex in Angeles City, which is just off Mountain View about 6 mins to both Shopping Centres and drinking establishments. I like this apartment, but at first back in November 14 I hated it as it seemed so small because we’d just moved from a 3 bed massive apartment on 3 floors. We got used to it quickly though. We are able to have BBQ’s here, Wifi is ok and we’ve got a lot of cable channels. I’m desperate to settle somewhere for at least 6 months and considering we’ve stopped here for over 12 months before I’m hoping I’ll be fine. One thing though, if you read previous blogs I couldn’t wait to leave. I suppose a lot has changed since last October, let’s hope we’ll be OK here.

So we’re off to surprise Aida & Rae at the Midnight Rodeo and then it’s chill time tomorrow, sort my Visa out and relax and get prepared for a busy Tuesday.

So it’s home sweet home (again)

Until next time, keep smiling



PS On a sad note we lost little Scooby last Saturday, he was 16 and not a bad age for a Westie, Sleep well little lad.


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