The blog contains pictures of Paradise, not for the feint hearted and not for anyone living in the UK if it’s pissing down.

You have been warned…..


This is the view I have as I type this blog.

We finally moved from the beach resort due to their internet being cut off and headed for a room in a lodging house in the main town of Naval. It was small, cheap but clean and had a limited amount of Internet, enough to get me by. Well, after day 2 the speed went down to 0.14mb and it’s totally unworkable (again), it was getting me down. WTF (What the flip) do I do? I’d paid deposits etc.

3rd day in and I get a text from a Norwegian friend asking if we’d house sit for 2 months. I’d never seen his house, all I knew it was near the ocean. We headed down to see him and have a look.

Paradise again and I mean total paradise, as you can see from the view its fricking amazing. I’m trying to be clean and not say fucking all the time – bugger. Anyway, Stein my friend is going back to Norway for a couple of months, so we chatted to the owner and he was more than happy for Santi and myself to stop. We planned to move the following day.

It’s got a kitchen, yes!! a fucking kitchen so we can finally cook woohoo.

Sorry, I got excited then as I typed, the house has 1 bedroom, terrace (amazing view) living room / kitchen, bathroom, BBQ area, steps leading down from the road and total peace and quiet, apart from a couple of noisy Roosters / Cockerels and they seem to wake up very early haha.

A few things though that needed to be addressed are Mozzies (bastards), shit loads of Ants, a cat, 4 dogs (wild) a family of Ducks, Hermit Crabs, Spiders and a very very noisy Gecko, he or she sounds like something from Jurassic Park. Took me ages to find it and when I did I thought it’d be huge but as you can see from the picture, it’s not that big. Santi though, is shit scared of it.

I’ll get use to the bugs, but you must shake your towel first before using it, you never know what’s hidden in there.

Oh! and I have Internet, 4G good signal, the only drawback is, it’s going to cost me a few bob as data packages here are expensive and limited. I’ve gone for the max allowed 8gb a month and so far in 24hrs I’ve used 1.6gb. This cost me £16, so it’s going to add up methinks.

I’ll keep you updated, so keep smiling and we’ll chat soon.

Below are explicit pictures of Paradise.