Sunday morning are great for blogging, sat here in my boxers (not a pretty sight) chilled after a nice alcohol free day yesterday and tempted to cook a Full English Breakfast, I wish they’d sell good Pork sausage here but we’ll have to do with their version. I’m currently living in Angeles City in Pampanga here in the sunny and sometimes a very wet Philippines.

We have a 2 bedroom box, sorry I mean apartment and it’s quite cozy. Been in this apartment since November 14, previous to this I was in a 2 bed apartment which was huge and very nice indeed complete with pool etc but the rent made me think twice. I don’t need a posh place. Cost of living in the Philippines is quite cheap and you can live here on a budget with an income of say £1000 a month, probably less. How the Filipino’s survive is beyond me as their wage is less than £300 a month that’s actually a good wage, for instance the security guard at the local bar earns 200 peso a day works 12 hours a day 7 days a week and has a family of 3 to support (how the fuck does he survive). That is less than £100 a month for 96 hours work a week. This pisses me off a little in this country, the country in my opinion is screwed up. Here’s another example, as I said I live in a 2 bedroomed box, my neighbour in the apartment next to me (exact same size as this one) There are 5 adults and 3 kids, 8 people living in a box. Reminds me of the Monty Python Yorkshiremen sketch. Poverty is rife and still 10% of the Philippine population earn less than a dollar a day.

I’ll be back in 30 minutes, just need to make a full cooked breakfast, my comment in the first paragraph made me hungry.

I’m back, just put the sausages on, they’ll take a while. So where was I?

Is it cheap then to live in the Philippines? Yes & No, Remember I’m a westerner and like western food, If I was Filipino, I’d be eating rice every day with some kind of sauce (gravy) and maybe a bit of meat. But I’m not, so I need my Pasta’s, Bacon, Beef and of course English fix like T Bags, Cheese and a full English breakfast.

Back in a mo, just checking the sausages…..

Not even started cooking yet, a Filipino kitchen usually consist of a two ring stove and nothing else, we mastered the art of cooking this way though, timing is of the essence, we are down to one ring as one’s blown up and waiting and we will be waiting a while to get the other fixed. (I live and exciting life if all I’m talking about is my fucking stove) You’ll notice on my blogs I tend to wander off onto another topic just bear with me until I come back to what I originally started talking about.

I’ve just re-read the last few words and really no idea what the fuck I was talking about. Oh! Forgot to say, I swear a lot as well.

Sausages still not ready, this looks like it’s going to be my tea (Dinner) when it’s eventually cooked.

They have big shopping centres in the Philippines, and they even have the largest in the world called Mall of Asia, we have two local ones SM Clark and Marquee Mall, there are more but these are the two we go to on a regular basis. These shopping malls (as they call them here, it’s so Americanised) have all the big name shop BUT they are all always empty, no shoppers, it makes me wonder how do they survive? The shopping centres are packed with people and you can name every fast food outlet going and they’ll be in there. But no one actually goes in the shops, very weird in my opinion. I did chat to our friendly waitress in our local bar and they go to the mall just to walk round and look at the fountains, they can’t afford to buy anything so that is probably the answer. Waitress wage 300 peso a day plus tips, 6 days a week. Massive income of £120 a month, Brenda, the waitress has eleventeen children to support, her and her husband on £250 a month plus tips.

Talking of Brenda, she’s a blog on her own.

Talking of sausages, just had the FCEB and I’ve officially gone off those imitation pork sausages, sad I know but there you go. Rest of it was great though and I’m now officially stuffed.

OK that’s enough talking lets get blogging again, what was I waffling on about?

Ah! I remember, the cost of living in the Philippines, as a westerner this is what I spend on a monthly basis

Rent £312.00
Visa £39.00
Meds £189.00
Wifi £14.00
Utilities £140.00
Cable £10.00
Mobiles £20.00
Food £500.00
Trikes £70.00
Total £1,294.00

The Meds bit is another blog which I have written about on other forum and I might update on here.

So it costs me £1294 to live in the Philippines, can I reduce this costing? Yes!!!! Easy enough if I went for cheaper food, had no Air conditioning on and walked everywhere instead of using Trikes as a mode of transport. But basically I’d be a hungry, hot grumpy fucker.

As an Ex Pat (Foreigner as they call us here or Farrang in Thailand) I do miss the odd British fix, like Tea, I’m a big Tea drinker and I like it strong and I can only buy Lipton Yellow Label tea and it’s not brilliant so I have to use 5 Tea Bags to make one brew, I work this out it costs me 23p a cup and I drink about 15 cups a day.
I’ll have to stop writing about things I like, off to make a brew now….

I’m back and only took an hour, had a quick siesta as well, the FCEB made me tired.

I’m going to stop here now, I only wanted to do about 200 words and I’ve gone over a thousand, aren’t I a clever boy? Loads more to discuss about the life in the Philippines, I will also talk about my trips to Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong.

So on that bombshell.

Chat laters