Hard Rock

I’ve feel a blog coming on, not blogged or over as week due the fact I’ve felt poorly, I’m a little love and just getting over a chest infection. Poor old me L

Anyway – I went to Manila a couple of weekends ago on business, stopped at a great hotel and if you are in Makati then I’d recommend the Oxford Hotel, it’s a Best Western and only £25 a night. Had a night on the tiles, including Hard Rock Café where we spent a small fortune in the shop and myself and Santi now boast new Hard Rock T Shirts, Roy came with us, I’ve not mentioned Roy yet but he’s an Indian who works for the company and lives here is Filo. We all got back to Angeles and I was Ill and so was Roy.

Cooking on about 3 cylinders now soon to be 4

I’ve read the last few blogs and I’ve decided I’ve been quite negative about the Philippines so here are some plus points about living here.

Had to stop for a second to think of positive things, back in a wee while.

In fact I stopped for 3 days, OK I’m back now, just had another trip to Manila.

Here’s a quick list of the good things about living in the Philippines

Beer only 70p a bottle (San Miguel) Imported beers are UK priced
Cigarette’s, the cheapest place on earth so far and only 50p a packet
Local Food, national dish in Adobo consists of a piece of meat usually chicken with a sauce mainly made of soya and of course Rice.


The Country is nice, great beaches and lots of them, the Philippines is made up of 7000 islands.
Filipino’s are generally friendly people, always say hello sir etc. although there are a few dodgy ones.

Question – If there are only a few things that I like about the Philippines why am I still here?

That’s is a good question Johnny. I arrived here purely for business purposes and never left. Prior to that I had a great apartment in Bangkok and was reluctant to leave it, anyway I’ve been here just over a year and one day I will move back to Thailand. I wrote a blog about 10 months ago about which is best Thailand or the Philippines, I’ll dig it up and post it on here.

We are working to get Santi a visa for a trip to the UK for Christmas which is proving harder than I first though, but we’ll succeed, I’ll keep you all posted on that outcome.

I’ll sign off for now before I bore you all to death.

Till next time