From my previous blogs I mentioned that I’d moved to Biliran, which is 77km from one of the main cities Tacloban, which is located in the Eastern Visayas region. It’s about a 90 minute flight from Manila. See what I’m doing here, a little history lesson. It became independent from Leyte in 1992. 530km2 and has a couple of volcanoes I think.

It’s simply a hidden paradise.

A few little things I want to talk about regarding what’s legal and what’s not. Wearing a Helmet for a motorcyclist? 100% a legal requirement and YET!!! 99% don’t and the police seem to turn a blind eye to it. Only a couple of weeks ago, a couple got killed and they weren’t wearing a helmet, sorry to say a child died as well. I won’t even contemplate riding my bike without one.

Smoking in the Street? It is now illegal and the police are fast to fine anyone smoking, a 500 peso fine can be imposed, which is about £7.50.

So far I’ve travelled over half of the island, which is basically 9 times bigger than my previous location Guernsey. Santi’s family live on the west side of the island and we currently live on the East. 12km from the main town of Naval.

Filipino’s live a simple life here, grow rice and smile. Poverty is rife and the average daily wage is about 300 peso £4.50 for a non skilled job, they work mainly 6 days a week.

Carabao is the preferred method for ploughing, see pic below, it’s like going back about 70 years or more.


I got my head shaved by the way for 80p and a plate full of BBQ food, pork, chicken and Offal with rice for 2 which costs about £2. It truly is amazing, just missing a KFC. Talking of KFC, we did get a fix, I had to go to Tacloban to sort my Visa extension out,  it took 10 minutes compared to 4 days in Angeles city.

We are still at the beach resort, we’re booked here until 27th August BUT we might have found a beach house and the rent is a whopping £113 a month. Not furnished so we can obtain bits as time goes on, if we have the basics it should be fine. I should have average internet speed compared to the shit I have now. I’ll keep you updated on my next blog about the house. It does sound perfect for us.

Quite a few Expats here, so there are plenty of people to chat to. There is sadly one less though, he got shot one morning walking through the town. 2 guys on a bike. No idea really why. But it’s the third expat shooting in a year. Hmmmm, should I be worried?

I’ll be putting up a new video soon on Youtube about life in Biliran. With Internet being so slow I need to upload it in a 24hr window.

That’s about it for now, as always keep smiling.