First of all I’d like to say thanks for the nice words so far about blogs, it’ll keep me going for a while anyway. Also a few of you have asked all about the girls in the Philippines so in this blog I’m going to try and give you my take on the girls in the Philippines and my experience with Frazer (An Aussie guy we met last night)


One of the annoying things that seems to be happening now are to do with the ATM machines, 90% of them don’t like foreign cards and we have to travel miles to find a machine that bloody works. Yesterday we decided we’d have a chill day watch a few films but by 5pm we were starving and had sod all in the fridge. We could either go to the supermarket or go out for something to eat, we chose the latter.

We headed to our local Paradise Bar and I only had about 1000 peso (£14) plus, as we got there Santi realised she forgot her meds. So I sit down to chill and she heads back in a trike to get the meds. Of course the usual ATM machine won’t give me any cash and the nearest is about a 10 minute walk away and it’s pissing down. Cut a long story short Santi gets back, it stop raining for 5 minutes and we finally get some cash. I was dying for a pee so we stopped off in the Margarita Station Bar, it looks like a total shit hole but it’s actually not a bad bar and the food is good.

Magartita station  filename-dsc-9530-jpg

So, imagine the scene, we are sat at the bar and this big guy comes and sits next to me. He’s asking the barman where Perimeter Road is, the barman has no idea and I start thinking and nope never heard of it.

Sorry – Just been shopping, bought the bits for a FCEB so might do that for tea, I just don’t care. I won’t tell you what I spend as that’s so fucking boring and done all that.

Sat here with no power, no interweb and its getting hot, weather not been too bad lately though, about 24c to 30c and we’ve got the tail end of a Tycoon heading towards Japan.

I went off on one again didn’t I?

So we are wondering where Perimeter Road is, it turns out he’s looking for an area called Friendship, we know where that is and I explain there is a shit Brit bar (good food though) called Porkys and he’s sorted.

Next I ask him how long he’s here for, is he on vacation (sorry went into yank mode) holiday? Yes he’s for 5 days he thinks, he’s not sure when he goes home. As it turns out he’s on his own and looking for girls. Now if you didn’t know, Angeles City is the Red Light area of the Philippines, there are smaller areas in the Philippines but Angeles is the most famous. There are lots of Go Go bars in this town and very few good normal drinking bars. Yes we have visited a few of these bars when we’ve had guests over to show them the real Angeles.
The bar is obviously full of girls on a stage (bit like a cattle show) and if the customer wants to buy the girl a drink it costs twice the price, the girl then receives a commission from this, they get a very small basic wage and then earn the rest on either Ladies Drinks or if the customer Bar Fines them, this means the girl can then leave the bar and go with the customers. The customer pays the bar about £50 and the girl receives a percentage of this. It’s then up to the girl what she does next. Majority of the girls will sleep with you and you tip them at the end. Legalised prostitution basically.


Each bar usually has a different theme, and girls in different outfits. If you look at the girls, everyone, well nearly everyone is fucking miserable, I don’t blame them, can you imagine a 20st guy bar fining a girl who is 4ft 5 inches tall, you have to feel sorry for the girl. You see 80 year old guys walking down the street with an 18 year old girl.

The girls are looking for that one foreigner to rescue them and live happily ever after. I know one guy, no names mentioned he trades his girl in every 6 months and get a new one, usually about 18yrs old and he’s 50 check out You Tube for videos of Angeles City and you’ll see what I mean.

So back to Frazer the Aussie, he’s here and his words were “I’m here for pussy” Good on ya Frazer, he said he’s got 10 thousand to play with and going to have a fun time. We’re telling him to head to Walking Street that’s where is all happens and tell him about Midnight Rodeo (see other blog) I’m thinking he’s got $10k AUD which is a great amount to enjoy yourself. As it turns out its 10k peso which is £150 – Works out at 2000 peso a day, He won’t last 2 days then he’ll run out of money.

As we were about to leave, Frazer my new best mate, I told him all about this blog and I said he’ll be in it tomorrow, I said give me a title for it and he suggested “Good Luck”

Frazer is you’re reading this let me know how you are getting on. He’s one character that is typical to SE Asia especially Philippines and Thailand Girl Bar scene, Koreans, Americans and a few Aussies, very few Brits here which is why I miss Thailand. If you want to know more about girl bars I suggest you google it, it’s an eye opener, nearest thing to us in the west is Amsterdam.

We left and then went off for a Steak at the Swiss Chalet Restaurant, great food and good prices, probably one of the best restaurants in the area. Only drawback this time were the waitresses, they really didn’t give a shit and just threw your food down on the table whilst talking to themselves.

Look at me again all bloggy with a 1000 words and no interruptions from Facebook watching cute pussy cats fall over, as we still have a power cut and I’m  getting pissed off now, looks like we’ll have to go out to a bar or something soon if it doesn’t come back on. I’ll press save now and upload as soon as we have power and see if I can think of anything else to write here.

Powers back on, good I didn’t fancy going for a beer today, chill day.

Right back to watching cute pussy cats fall over on Facebook.

Until next time, keep smiling