We’ve been in our temporary new apartment for a week now and as I mentioned in my previous blog we had bugger all to cook with. Monday we headed out to a nearby shopping centre (mall) Greenbelt 1. Prior to going out I thought about finances, living on a budget made me think do we eat out or do I invest in a cooker / stove? I did a quick google and found an Induction Ring for 1500 peso (£25) then we also needed a pan, cooking utensils etc. Could I buy everything for less than £50? Hmmm….. not sure, so we headed out to look.

Can’t remember for the life of me what the shops name was but we managed to get a cooker single stove for 1800 Peso (£30) and it came with a free pan. Now we needed the rest of the cooking bits, but had no time as I needed to get back to the apartment to work as it was getting late. I work UK hours which is 3.30pm until 12.30am.

The new addition to our family, Hello Mr Cooker


OK We’ve got a stove but bugger all else, ok we’ll go out again tomorrow.
Getting excited at the thought of buying more bits for the kitchen (I need to get out more) we got up early and headed to SM Mall near Ayala MRT (Metro Station) 5 floors of everything including H&M. Let’s start at the top floor and we get a few bits, couple of Mugs (no not us, I mean a couple of mugs for brews) Egg flippy thingy, a spud masher, teaspoons, forks, knives and a few other bits, so we had the basics for the kitchen, I need a toaster, as every home albeit temporary home must have a toaster so I bought a toaster grill for 750 peso (£12), this now gives me the option to grill bacon and fish etc. It does toast perfectly.

Now it’s time to head downstairs to the supermarket, I’ve been waiting for this bit for a while. When myself and Santi were both in India we used to dream of Spag Carbonara, Beef for stewing, Santi’s Chicken Adobo (Philippine national dish) we again spent a small fortune but nothing silly and we are now prepped ready to eat in our apartment. Obviously the first dish was Spag Cab and it tasted just how I imagined it, they have a sauce packet here and it is good.

spag cab spag cab 2 Beef Stew

That was 2 days into the week, nothing really has happened since, I’ve been working, limited on sales and also had a little trouble sleeping but all in all we are quite settled. One thing we did start was to look for another apartment, there is one available here at the end of July which we’ll look at. Rent is 23,000 per month, we need to chat to someone about it this week. £372 a month in real money, Peso rate is still low unfortunately, before Brexit we would have paid £333 hell of a difference now.

The weather is brilliant, all Brits talk about the weather, but here at this moment in time it’s perfect, Daytime temps 30c – 34c at night time it drops to 26c with storms nearly every night. This pic is not brilliant quality but I like it, taken from my balcony this week, the video is on my You Tube channel.

Lightning Bolt

We found a little Gem on Thursday, we went to the local Starbucks and next to it, is a food hall, dishes from £1.20 mostly Filipino food but it’s an alternative to stopping in.

It’s now Saturday and funds are really low, just had enough to fill up the fridge from another Supermarket, we’d never been to Rustons near Ayala again and also next to Debenhams. Steak is cheap, 2 pieces of sirloin only £2.50 so we’ll see what that’s like next week. One slight problem, does anyone fancy doing a Tea bag run for me please. Buying UK Tea Bags here works out at 30p a cup now and I drink loads.
This weekend it’s chill time, a few movies and some blog work, I’ve just taken a 5 minute video of Burgos Street here in Makati, it’s the Red light area of Makati and if you want to play “hide the sausage” this is the place to be, going to see if it’s any good (the video not hiding the sausage) and I’ll upload to You Tube.

Until next time,
Keep smiling


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