You see some crazy sights in the Philippines. As you all know, we live on the beach and we woke up to a dead dog that had been washed up. We wondered what the stench was, anyway we asked some neighbours if they’d move it for us. No one was interested, until we mentioned 200 peso 😊 They then tied it to a boat with a big rock to sink it out at sea and off they went. All I could see from the distance was the dog bobbing up and down, they then came back for one more big rock and off they went again. Eventually the dog sank and is now fish food.  They now have Red Horse Beer money and the dog has gone. Result!!

Earlier this morning I was sat there having my normal brew, everyone is awake here by 5am so you have no choice to be awake when I heard a pig scream. I looked to my left and there’s a pig being loaded into a cloth bag, then loaded onto a boat. Next, I heard another pig scream, this one was too big to be in a bag so they tied it up and loaded it onto the boat. For some reason they both didn’t seem happy to go on a boat trip. Ungrateful swine’s (see what I did there) anyway, the boat came back a couple of hours later but the pigs didn’t hmmmm! Wonder where they’ve gone. Anyway, got to dash, I’ve got pork belly to cook.

To any Vegetarian’s that reads this blog, stay away from the Philippines, you’d starve to death.

Red Horse…..not sure if I’ve mentioned it before. It’s a beer that’s 6.9% ABV, which means you can get wasted very quickly & very cheaply. It’s only £1 a litre. It’s like rocket fuel for me, so I give it a miss.

I’m now the next Jacques Cousteau, as Glenn posted me the underwater cover for my camera and I’ve seen some amazing sea life. I’m just waiting for the tide to go out and then I’ll be back filming. I’ll post a couple of pics here.

I’m still waiting to give you all the big news but can’t yet, hopefully next week 1st November I should be able to.

Quick update for you all and until next time. Keep smiling.

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