Bloody hell, it’s 9 months since my last blog, whatever has one been doing with one’s life?

Well I’ll tell ya!

So my last blog was October 2017, Santi and I were living in paradise in a beach house and it was heaven.


I was offered a job in Manila selling American Imported cosmetics to Filipina’s and I personally thought at the time is was a great idea, move back to the metropolis, KFC, Starbucks etc. So we did.

I won’t go into what happened, but let’s say for arguments sake that it didn’t go as planned, I’ve got loads to tell you but I’m best keeping it to myself for now. I headed back to the UK in April and Santi headed back to the provinces.

OK, I’m back in the UK what do I do now? Glenn kindly put me up for a while whilst I looked around for work, then I finally got a job as a Flooring Specialist (carpet salesman) then suddenly out of the blue I get a call from my Bro.

I’m back in India now, its been 2 years since my last visit and to be honest, it hasn’t changed one bit. Foods good, weathers hot and that’s about it. I’m still getting ripped off from Tuk Tuk drivers so nothing new there, they still drive like crazy. Only new thing is the currency they now have 2000 rupee notes. Woohoo.

How long will I be here, who knows?

I’ll keep you all posted.

Might do a vlog whilst I’m here to keep you all updated, on the other hand I might not.

Until next time.

Keep smiling.