Our time in India is coming to a close and with the news about the Visa rejection it sort of left us with a dilemma. Where do we go next?

I’ve spent nearly 6 months in India and Santi has been here for 3 months, doesn’t seem a lot but feels like a year. I’ll be honest, it’s been different, its been hard but we’ve survived and come out the other side, the main problem for us is the lack of power, AC and of course the heat. I promise never to moan about cold wet weather again (well at least for a month or so)

So what do we do?

Work wise it’s not been as good as I’d have liked it to been, it’s been hard and probably my own fault, in fact I know it is my own fault there’s no probable in there.
I’m 51 now and time is ticking, even though I don’t feel it. They say you’re only as old as the woman you fell (wink wink) I’ve also lost over 10kgs since I’ve been here in India which to be honest I think is a bit too much to lose. My weight is up and down like a bride’s nightie. 17kgs lost in 2014, I was just saggy skin and bone, now my waist is down to a 34” again from 38” but I’m sure I’ll put it all back on very soon and I’ll be a fat bastard again.

I drifted off again didn’t I?

east west

9 days left in India then I’ll head West and Santi is heading East, I hate this part, it’s upsetting for both of us, last time we were apart was for 3 months. I need to go to the UK for work and a fix and I’m looking forward to that. Santi is heading East to her parents for a while. We’ll keep in contact via Skype and WhatsApp. We won’t be apart for too long I’ll make sure of that.

It would have been nice if the Visa was granted, we had a bash to go to in Manchester in October but now we’ll miss it. Sorry Steve.

Will I return to India? – Probably at some point in my life.

Guernsey Cow

I Probably won’t blog now until I reach the UK, I’ll do a full update of life in Guernsey (Guersey Cow pic above) and the life in Lancashire, I’ll tell you all about my fixes and how I’ve enjoyed them. Actually as I write this, I might do a gallery of the photos we have of our travels so far, we’ll see what happens. Please follow us on twitter


So until next time

Keep smiling