It’s a great life being a traveler, no, it really is, you get to see so many amazing things you’d never dream of. Before 2008 I had been on the package tours to France, Spain, Greece & Cyprus. After 2008 I traveled to South America (twice) the US of A a few times, most of SE Asia and of course India. On May 17th 2014 I made the move to live in SE Asia, Bangkok was the first stop then to the Philippines, also I’ve seen Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and more and It’s been amazing.


There are certain thing that you miss from “Home” and in this blog I’m going to talk about the things I miss. Here in India, I would say it’s still a third world country, a lot of people will disagree with me but this is my opinion, I miss things from home even more than when I lived in SE Asia because they are not available here in India.

I have a list of things I miss, hopefully by the end of June I will be back in the UK for a week or two and I can get my “Fixes”

In number one spot without any doubt is Fresh Air, May is my favourite month of the year in the UK, the spring air always makes me feel good but most of all it’s the morning and the fresh air whether its’ raining, windy, snowing, sunshine I don’t care. I can taste and feel it now and I seriously miss it, as I mentioned in my previous blog we are having silly temperatures well into the 40s and it’s not pleasant. Not to mention the pollution, Delhi is one of the most polluted cities in the world.


The rest are in no particular order

Number 2
Warburtons Toastie Bread – perfect for the Bacon & Egg Sarnie, it’s unbeatable, a fresh Warbies.

Number 3
Original KFC – available in the Philippines (I got a fix in March this year when I went to pick up Santi) They have Hot & Crispy here in India and it’s not brilliant.

Number 4
Beef – as in Sunday Roast, I can’t say anymore on this as I’m dribbling as I type.

Number 5
Carling Lager – Kingfisher here is OK but a nice cold pint wouldn’t go a miss.

Number 6
Consistency – In the UK you can expect reliable power, water, internet. Here you can’t, once the weather gets hot, currently it’s 48c ish and we have power cuts daily for 4 to 8 hours. I’m just going through one as I type and it’s been off for 7 hours now, all night. We have our own internet and the speed is ok it’s just whether it’ll work or not.

Number 7
Bacon – Back or middle bacon. Perfect for number 2

Number 8
The Chippy – I use to love going to the Chippy for Fish, Chips and Curry sauce.

Number 9
Asda – No idea why Asda is my favourite supermarket, possibly because all my clothes have “George” label. I love a wander around Asda.

And finally

Number 10
My Sister in Laws cooking – Emma is an amazing cook. Her Sunday roast is to die for, along with anything else she decides to make, never a bad meal if Emma’s cooking.

So that’s it, in a few weeks’ time I’ll be able to get my fixes as I have to head back to the UK for a little while.

Until next time

Keep smiling