Applying for a UK Visa,

My India Visa is due to expire in July (I’ve been here 6 months, doesn’t time fly when one enjoys oneself) and we now have to make plans on where to go next. The best option would be to get Santi a UK Visa if possible. I’ve heard horror stories about getting Visas and the two times we’ve applied for visas (India and Thailand) I’ve always had a feeling that we’ll get refused. We didn’t get refused it went pretty smoothly considering.

UK Visa

Santi, being Filipino has always had problems leaving the Philippines, I always get called over and questioned by immigration, how long have you been together? etc.

Our first trip together to Bangkok was a nightmare, Santi had never left the Philippines before and she got collared at immigration. They quizzed and questioned her for over an hour, the questioned me and eventually I had to sign an Affidavit and promise to bring her back on a certain date. We then had to run to our flight, we made it with seconds to spare. I’ve been told by a few people we are one of the lucky ones they don’t usually allow single Filipino girls out of the country unless on a work permit. So now every time I deal with Visas or immigration I get worried.

We got some advice last year from the guy who use to sort out my Visa for the Philippines (It’s so much easier having a British passport) the main advice was to get as many passport stamps as possible in Santi’s passport. In July last year we headed to Singapore and Malaysia again after another quiz by immigration then we went to Hong Kong and you all know we ended back in Thailand in November, so now she has a few stamps including an Indian stamp. We also thought it would be beneficial to apply for a UK visa outside the Philippines.


We are going to apply for a 6-month tourist visa.

You have to apply online first, filling in a 9-page application form, she needs a sponsor and various other ID’s, travel itinerary, proposed flight dates, hotel accommodation, sponsors passport details plus other various paperwork, it took us a while but finally managed to get it all sorted. After the form was completed you had to pay the fee of £89 (8700 Rupees) then we picked a date for the processing interview. We had to travel to New Delhi for this. I chose 2nd June, as that gave us enough time to sort the paperwork out.

A cab was arranged to take us to New Delhi, about 30km away, pick up 11am & appointment time 1.15pm. You’d think plenty of time but traffic in Delhi can be quite horrendous. We made it in less than an hour which was a bloody miracle, the Visa office is situated underneath a Metro Station (Shivaji Stadium) near CP Connaught Place. Tight security as usual and we finally made it. Coffee first and at 12.30pm Santi went in to the Visa office on her own as I wasn’t allowed in. We always expect the worse, at least a 3 to 5 hours of waiting, so I settled myself down with another coffee and waited, eventually getting bored so I headed back upstairs for a smoke I then got too hot as the temperature (which you now know) was about 44c and hassle off a shoe shine guy so I went back down to wait. Santi was there waiting for me, all done and dusted.

She said it went ok, they asked her a couple of question. We now have to wait 15 days for the result.
17th June is the result date. So everyone fingers crossed for us please.

No plans are really being made until we have the result but If she is successful we travel West, if she isn’t we travel East.

I reckon 50/50 chance of it being granted.

I want to say thanks to Shaleen, we would have got it all wrong if it wasn’t for him. So thanks mate.

The next blog will probably be the result, so stay tuned.

Thanks for reading and keep smiling.