These blogs seem to be like buses, you wait ages for one then two come along at once. I think I know why, I have to be in a good relaxed mood to write them otherwise they’re negative and shite, I’ve binned a few blogs thinking nope, no good.

So where was I?

Ah!!!! Yes 4 days left in the Philippines. I met Santi at the airport, having been to her parents and me to the UK, it took us 5 hours for a normal 90 minute drive and when we got home we were both knackered. This gave us just 4 days to pack up. I booked the car to pick us up at 1am then changed it to midnight then changed again to 11pm. Santi was worried about the traffic again. She thought it would be busy due to it being Holy Week, Holy weekend consists of a Filipino family heading to the cemetery, sitting there with food and booze and getting a priest to say a few prayers to the dead loved ones, good money spinner as he charges 40 peso per prayer per dead one. They stay in the cemetery all weekend. So when all fails I’ll just become a priest and bang I’m mega rich. Weird how Holy weekend coincides with Halloween. hmmmm.

The amount of stuff we left in our old house was amazing, printer, kettle, toaster etc etc and not forgetting all the clothes I can’t fit into anymore, which left me with a pair of socks (hahaha) We both had an allowance of 40kgs each and working it out we had 3kgs to spare. I was totally demotivated living in Angeles City, as I said before it’s not a nice place to live and we both couldn’t wait for the move to Bangkok. I booked 2 nights in a hotel so then we could apartment hunt.


The time came 11pm and the car was waiting for us, 90 minute drive to the airport and no traffic (typical) we had over 5 hours to kill at the airport. We did manage to check in early and got through immigration (which always scares me after our first Bangkok trip) I’ll tell you about that another time. We then had 4 hrs to kill. Smoking room for me and a seat for Santi to try and get some sleep. We headed to gate 107 and waited for 5 minutes until they decided to change the gate to 110 typical of Manila Airport, it has been voted the worst airport in the world and sometimes I have to agree. We have a triple seat front row to ourselves, perfect start & goodbye Philippines.

We land in BKK at 8.40am and then queue for an hour to get through immigration, check our passports and we are good to go until 29th December then we can renew for another 30 days, so we have 3 months before we have to do a visa run.


Taxi to the hotel with 4 suitcases and 2 hand luggage we finally settle in and both of us totally buggered with hardly any sleep. We are stopping at the Ruamchitt Hotel on Soi 10 Sukhumvit, £20 a night and had a nice relaxing bed, hotel was a bit dated but otherwise was OK.

We both managed a couple of hours sleep then we wanted to explore, we headed for Soi 4 to Chequers Bar, this is an expat bar and the owner is a nice bloke called Nick. We walked in and everyone remembered us which was a great feeling considering it was over a year since we were both in there. Sat at the front of the bar overlooking the street and finally said “We’re back” and it felt amazing.

view from Chequers 1st beer in Chequers

A couple of beers and a cheese & onion toastie which we really missed, then we head for some food. We head to the Swan which is a Thai cafe, see pics below, Noodles, Rice and Seafood and baby Ribs the price came to £12 and tasted amazing.

IMG-20151102-WA0000 Swan inn first meal in BKK epty plates and stuffed

We ended back at the hotel by 9pm after looking for an apartment we knew about and we’d view it tomorrow.

2nd day after a great night’s sleep we were ready to go, it was apartment hunting day, we had to find something today as we only had 1 night left in the hotel. We first went to the place we headed to last night only to find out there was nothing available. I did a fair bit of research before I left and we had 4 place to look at, we wanted to avoid agents due to their silly fees. One place we say Siam Court, looks nothing on the outside but inside it was fab only problem it was a bit pricey, we saw another place which I wouldn’t let a dead rat live in it. Then I said we’ll head to Asoke about 15 minutes away from it all but still in a nice part of the city. Here we found our new home, a 1 bed box, it’s ok and bit small but had no internet or kitchen utensils, I had to pay 3 months deposit and a month’s rent which has now left me somewhat skinters. I got internet installed and had to pay 6 months upfront but I’ve got a mega speed of 18mb woohoo, compared to Philippines its super fast. They said it might take 2 days to install.

Once we sorted the apartment we said we’d move in tomorrow.

We head to Soi 33 for some food, really nice Thai seafood again and then a couple of beers and back to the hotel.

Move day

Am I going on too much? Maybe but its all mega exciting for us…..

Wow 870 words already.

I’ll stop here and chat about the move in another blog.

Till next time, keep smiling