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Where was I?

Oh yes the move, so we’ve got ourselves a box, sorry I meant apartment in Asoke and Interweb was being installed in 2 days. With one needing Interweb for work, I went out and bought myself a Sim for my pocket wifi which only cost £10 for the month so not too bad. We wake up bright and early on the day of the move and start packing up (again) with 5 cases and hand baggage at 10am I get a big Taxi to take us on the 5 minute trip to the Apartment.


Not to worry, we head to a café across the road and chill with a Latte for me and a Mocha for Santi then we work on an idea to go to Tesco’s to buy some stuff for the box. My last apartment I rented in Bangkok had everything, Toaster, Kettle etc etc. This has nothing, and I mean nothing not even a fork. I didn’t budget for this – whoops

We head to Tesco on a Motorbike taxi £1 each and was jolly exciting, Santi loved it more than I did haha….
Trolley in hand and away we go. It’s a big store and we get most things, I’m now kicking myself as I only bought all this stuff over the last year and now buying it all again. Suppose there was nothing I could do about it really though.


£150 later we get a taxi back to the new box, Taxi driver got really pissed off with us as he couldn’t find but eventually we got there.

We finally get the keys to the new apartment and the internet man is there installing the Interweb, I had to pay 6 months upfront for it and I get a massive 18mb speed, 6 times faster than the Philippines, I got a bit giddy and I think I even wee’ed a little. (I know you’ve read all this in previous blog buy I got so excited i had to tell you again)

Time check it’s about 5pm and the internet is on, A/C is cleaned and charged and we got a new tap. We are good to go. I set up my lappy and start work.


Not much more really to say about the move, it went well, smooth and we’re in, the apartment looks ok now albeit still to small but it gives me 6 months to look around and see if I want to go through the hassle of doing all this again.

Cost of all this if you really want to know:

Apartment rent £360
Deposit x 3 £1080
Interweb for 6 months £120
Tesco for all the gear £150

Cost of Water and Electricity will shock me in a months time.

The View from our 21st floor box

IMG_20151103_173924IMG_20151103_173934 IMG_20151103_202604IMG_20151106_123806

Not a lot left out of my wages. Still, we can eat for £1 a meal which I’ll talk about in my next blog, we’ve found a fab place to eat.

Another 500 words, wow I am on a roll.

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