We’ve been in Bangkok for 7 days now and we finally are settled, it’s been a good week. Work could have gone a little better on Sales but hoping next week will give me better results, I won’t bore you with the job I do, most of you know anyway so we’ll keep it at that.

We arrived, got a new condo a bit small but I’ve just said to Santi a moment ago I’m getting to like the smaller space. We get out at every opportunity we can to explore.

Within a 200 yard radius we are in foody heaven, a KFC which we did try once not as good as the Philippines as they don’t serve the original Chicken, it’s either Spicy or Chilli, both I’m not keen on. about 100 food stall selling every Thai dish known to man, we have a picture policy, as we don’t speak or read Thai we need places that have picture menus, most of them do so that’s a good start. For the first 3 days we headed right when we came out of the apartment, we found some good food stall, Rice with 1 or 2 toppings for £1 really tasty. Good coffee shops but on Friday we head left (we just don’t care in the slightest, dead brave us 2 ya know)
We went for a coffee opposite the apartment and saw a crowd of people eating, we said lets take a look. At first I thought it was a small street food stall, turns out to be massive market hall with over 100 Street vendors. We were in heaven!!!!

IMG_20151106_133903 IMG_20151106_132845 IMG_20151106_132841 IMG_20151106_133854

Street food here costs roughly £1 a dish and you can see from the pictures it looks good and tastes even better. When I lived in the Philippines I didn’t like plain rice, in fact I hated it, but for some reason here it’s really good especially with a topping that has a sauce to it. We’ve had Spicy Pork, Spicy Chicken, Sea Food. Underneath the apartment is a small shopping centre which has a Japanese takeaway, here we tried a dish consisting or Pork, Rice a Garlic sauce and come with a raw egg, you mix the raw egg into it and wow it tastes amazing. One thing we did say we’d do is eat as much Thai food as possible when we got here. We love it so much and we are totally spoilt for choice.


Weekend arrived and on Saturday I suggested to Santi we’ll see the new Jimmy Bond film so we went on the skytrain which cost 31 Bhat (60p) and headed to MBK Shopping Centre, it’s massive. First of all we found a small canteen style café and got ourselves a Rice with 2 toppings then had a wander about. Found the cinema and booked for the 2.30pm showing of JB Cost for this £3 each. Then to Starbucks for a Latte and then watch the film. It wasn’t too bad, not as good as other Bond Movies a 6/10 in my rating. Back to the apartment in a taxi which cost only £2 as Santi’s feet we’re killing her.

Then we needed to eat again.

My thoughts were a couple of beers in Chequers and then more street food, we started talking to a couple, Tom was from Dundee and Coy was his Thai wife, Santi and Coy hit it off straight away and me and Tom sat there talking most of the night, we finally ate at Chequers, Santi had Liver & Onion I had Pad Thai and asked them to make it spicy (it blew my bloody head off but was really tasty) Tom then tells us about a bar called The Check in Bar which has live music, 4 girls singers who are supposed to be very good. It was rude not to head to the new Bar with Tom and Coy, It was busy but Tom being a regular they found us seats eventually after playing musical chairs a couple of times. We had one drink then both Santi & myself were tired so we headed home, we realised it was 1am when we finally got home, so much for a quiet night.

I got told off taking pictures,

IMG_20151107_232757 IMG_20151107_232801

The plan for Sunday was to go to ChatuChak Market which is the biggest in SE Asia, you need to go early to avoid the heat and the rush and we never managed it as we didn’t get up till 11am – oh well maybe next week.

We did however go to Ternimal 21 Shopping Centre (I can’t say Terminal), a big shopping complex at the end of our road. Its layout has different countries on each floor. We found our cheap food place on the lower floor and I had Roast Duck with Noodles £1.60 and Santi had Garlic Pork with Rice £1

We headed to every floor and Santi got carried away taking pictures, then we headed back home for a chill.

IMG_20151108_140709 IMG_20151108_140146 IMG_20151108_140143 IMG_20151108_141700 IMG_20151108_140914 IMG_20151108_140817

7pm and a beer was calling me so we obviously headed to Chequers.

Am I boring you yet?

We meet up with Tom and Coy again and another guy there called Alfred, an Austrian who’s been travelling SE Asia and Australia. He was a bit crazy and gave us a quick Yodel session. Thanks Alfred, you’re a new legend. After a few beers and Chicken wings in The Tavern we headed home. Is was the start of a joke, An Englishman, a Scotsman, A Filipino, a Thai and an Austrian walk into a bar.

A good weekend was had by all.

Until next time, keep smiling and I’ll post again soon