You see some crazy sights in the Philippines. As you all know, we live on the beach and we woke up to a dead dog that had been washed up. We wondered what the stench was, anyway we asked some neighbours if they’d move it for us. No one was interested, until we mentioned 200 […]


Warning   The blog contains pictures of Paradise, not for the feint hearted and not for anyone living in the UK if it’s pissing down. You have been warned…..   This is the view I have as I type this blog. We finally moved from the beach resort due to their internet being cut off […]

Life in Biliran

From my previous blogs I mentioned that I’d moved to Biliran, which is 77km from one of the main cities Tacloban, which is located in the Eastern Visayas region. It’s about a 90 minute flight from Manila. See what I’m doing here, a little history lesson. It became independent from Leyte in 1992. 530km2 and […]

Vlog not Blog

Life in Angeles city has been pretty normal, nothing exciting to talk about apart from work which is boring so I won’t. What I have been doing though, is a bit of filming. I’ve been try to vlog life here. The results aren’t brilliant as I seem to have Parkinson disease whilst holding the camera.